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Summary There are many cool things on thingiverse that use soda bottle threads, but the problem is... we don't really drink soda at our house. We do sometimes go for the Simply brand juices though (very tastey) so I decided to figure out some threads that fit those bottles. They also have a wider mouth so it opens up some more possibilities for like animal feeders and stuff like that. But first things first, here are the threads it uses. Instructions There are three variations of threads because I swear I think makerware is filling in the shells on the inside of holes... So the deal is the actual measurements are the first versions of each file ("internal" is for subtracting, the "test" is an already subtracted version). The xxx_plus_one and xxx_plus_two variants have a 1mm and 2mm dia bigger hole. Pictured is simply_threads_test_plus_two.stl printed with makerware at 2 shells, 10% infill. (I did cancel it before it finished, so it should be the full height if allowed to complete.)

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