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Summary Worried about some government/hacker spying on you with your laptop camera? Now you can rest easy with this customizable camera blinder clip! Unlike the typical sticky-note solution, this leaves no residue on your camera lens and easily slides aside when you want to use it. Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Infill: 10% Notes: 2 shells (NOTE: This also allows you to mark which side is which with louver slats, just in case inside and outside are not symmetrical. This can be seen in the closed photo.) How I Designed This The photos and STL are for HP EliteBook 2740p. If that is the model you have, then you can print the STL file directly. I actually designed this because the built-in work light was annoying because it wouldn't stay retracted. It also does great on the camera for that model as well.

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