Essential Oil Nebulizer


Summary This thing is for diffusing essential oils into the air for holistic medicine and aromatherapy. Supposedly nebulizers work better than ultrasonic diffusers, which is why they cost over a hundred bucks! Yikes! This thing is easy to print and powered by a standard aquarium pump. LATEST: I have printed this. At the present time it will not assemble correctly without pretty major modification. I am currently reworking the design to alleviate this. Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Notes: ABS is preferred as PLA may erode over time with constant exposure to liquid. Post-Printing Clean-up Clean up the lid threads with a v-shaped file and the air jet hole can be cleaned with a 5/16 24tpi tap. . The jets will print with thin support tabs. These are meant to be cut off. Also, if your printer clogs up the jet tips like mine did, then you may need to re-open them with an xacto knife. How I Designed This As if the price wasn't a big enough reason for printing this, there are some other pretty significant benefits as well: 1) Not being glass = less breakage and less mess 2) Can be disassembled for cleaning 3) Air inlet jet is adjustable 4) Since it is powered by an aquarium pump, you can use all the standard valves and fittings. Including this if you want several diffusers going at once: Principle of Operation The following video was very helpful in figuring out how a nebulizer functions, as well as giving the idea for the aquarium pump. If you're curious about that sort of thing, give it a look:

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