Diamond Hotend Modular Mount Top

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Summary This is a ring that can hold the top end of the diamond hotend heat sinks. I added 3x3.2mm holes through the part to add other mounting designs. All done in FreeCAD. How I Designed This freecad blender fusion 360 cura I had to look at some part drawings and measure a bit with calipers to get some dimensions. I want to thank the guy who posted the "official" diamond hotend mount. i tried to print that but it took a long time and sometimes the print would fail. so i redesigned my own. I am using a core xy Flying bear p902 with a horizontal carriage so i wanted to mount it underneath. freecad can easliy open the "official" open scad files. the metal only one. but fusion cant. i wanted to try to print only the hotend mount without the blower, but no STL like that, so i took it into blender and deleted the blower lid, then after a few failed prints, decided to start from scratch and make my own.

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