Viral Magic Puzzle (9+ million views)


This puzzle that went viral with over 9 million views of this video:

The puzzle was originally invented by Winston Freer. This version of the 3D puzzle is a miniature version (90mm x 70mm) of the puzzle demonstrated in the video. It is a mind-bending demonstration of apparently impossible geometry.

Since I am not aware of any licensing restrictions, I have decided to sell this model with 100% of proceeds going to the Conjuring Arts Library, a non-profit for the educational benefit of anyone interested in magic. If you do not know how the puzzle works, the solution is elegantly explained in this video:

Design Files

File Size

Puzzle Box.stl
1.45 KB
Piece 10 w-Lines.stl
67.1 KB
Piece 9 w-Lines.stl
79 KB
Piece 8 w-Lines.stl
4.96 KB
Piece 7 w-Lines.stl
3.21 KB
Piece 6 w-Lines.stl
3.79 KB
Piece 5 w-Lines.stl
14.5 KB
Piece 4 w-Lines.stl
3.79 KB
Piece 3 w-Lines.stl
8.87 KB
Piece 2 w-Lines.stl
63.7 KB
Piece 1 w-Lines.stl
21.8 KB


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