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Summary This is a remix of Desktop_Makes tealight design adapted to make a little desktop sign with an embedded logo. After receiving the May 2017 3D Geek Box, I wanted to make something using the included filament, batteries and LEDS. I decided to make a little desk light with my logo on the "lightshade". I was inspired to do this by the acrylic led signs that many people have been creating by etching a design into a piece of acrylic and then placing it into an LED base to illuminate it. I didn't feel like buying a piece of acrylic, so I came up with this. Not a bad alternative, IMO.

Print Settings

Printer Brand: Wanhao

Printer: Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 

Rafts: Doesn't Matter 

Supports: No 

Resolution: .2mm 

Infill: 15% 

Notes: Print "lightshade.stl" in vase or spiral mode. I printed "lightshade.stl" with MakerGeeks HD Clear Raptor Series PLA, as well as their Translucent Orange Crystal Series PLA. The tealight was printed with MakerGeeks Tiger Stripe Orange Maker Series PLA.

How I Designed This Video of how I made it can be found here:

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