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A quick video of my spinner in action.

I have been messing around with these fidget spinners for a while now as I have made several design despite not uploading them anywhere, partly because there were a lot of them anyways and I hadn't made anything spectacularly different. However every time I made one I thought of was I could make my spinners different. I tried spray painting, messing with different shapes and patters etc. But today I had the idea to turn one one of these to a phenakistoscope, as it seemed like a pretty good idea. So what I did was I just searched for a gif, which then I separated to its frames using an online separator. So now get your favourite gif and turn it into a fidget spinner! Also, feel free to modify the design as you wish to accommodate more frames etc.

Disclaimer: You can't see it with your eyes and will need a phone camera or something along those lines. The video you see was shot on an iPhone 7 in the slow-mo setting, without it actually slowing the video down. The working principle of this isn't exactly the same as a phenakistoscope but it is pretty similar.

The tolerances are extremely tight and possible won't work well if your printer isn't calibrated correctly, so if it doesn't work try printing 1% or 2% bigger. Also, for the main body, try to have the frames come to the top, meaning that there will be an overhang. However this overhang is easily closed, so support isn't necessary. But obviously if you want to use it I can't stop you :)

As I said in the summary, for the images what I did was search for a running man gif, which I then separated on a online web site ( ). The website is actually pretty good and labels each picture with its frame name. Then after I downloaded the pictures from the website I cropped them to 1.5cm by 1.5cm. The rest is pretty straight forward, where you just print and cut the frames before sticking them to the main body using a regular glue stick in order.

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