Nerf Gun Scope - ACOG Sight

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3D Printable file for a Hybrid Scope - ACOG Sight, Reddot Sight, Rifle, Nerf Gun Accessory

This is the STL File to enable you to print your own Hybrid Scope.

Download Includes:  Guaranteed printable STL files and visual step by step instructions.

We have designed a Nerf Gun accessory in the style of an ACOG Scope with a Reddot Sight.

Fits on to all Nerf Gun accessory rails.

Please Note: The scope is a visual accessory with no magnification or adjustment, purely cosmetic.

Size: Approximately 140mm long

Width approximately 5cm  Height approximately 9cm

Please message us any questions. :)

Premium 3D Designs - Push your printer and enjoy the detail.

Design Files

File Size

Acog reddot.STL
424 KB
Nerf Acog Sight Instructions.PDF
586 KB
Acog rear section.STL
1.73 MB
Sight Ring.STL
53.8 KB
Acog adjustment Button.STL
22.2 KB
Acog adjustment knob.STL
119 KB
Acog Adjustment post.STL
269 KB
Acog Adjustment ring.STL
267 KB
Acog front.STL
1.24 MB
Acog hybidring.STL
543 KB


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