Hotend setup for custom router

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Summary This is a hotend setup for my custom router. The idea behind it is that the airflow can reach the cooling fins of the hotend without cooling the printed object. It's ment for ABS & PET-G printing. Sorry PLAérs ;-). This part can hold a cheap chinees J-Hotend clone with a diameter of 25mm & hight 32mm. The red thing in the picture is a representation of this hotend. The second red thing above it represents a Bowden tube adaptor. The Fan is 60x60mm. because this part is for a custom machine i didn't want to share this at first, but perhaps other people can still use it due the maney customizers and self builders i have seen on the internet :-) Print Settings Printer: i printed the part on the foto on a Anet A6 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 15 - 20% Notes: Just print the main model standing up. tested with PET-G

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