Hospital Bed Rail Phone Adaptor

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Summary Hi Guys! My Mom has been in the hospital for nearly a week now. Recently the hospital changed to a "room service" style food service. So when you want to eat, you have to call 1760 to order your meal, or be awake when they come through to take your order before each meal. The problem is the older phones that the hospital has in each room was designed for the hospital beads in the day. Today's hospital beds are more streamlined and rounded, making it so the phone can't be attached to the bed rail. So they either place it in the bed with her, or place it on a shelf behind the bed. Either way, Mom can't reach the phone. So the other night I brought a pair if digital calipers and quickly mocked up this adapter. It fits over the rounded bed rail but has a square body to allow the phone to grab it easily. In turn the fastening system of the phone pinches the adapter causing it to pinch the bed rail. Now hopefully she can order what she wants instead of taking whatever they give her to eat.

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