Battle of Guadalcanal Japanese Navy and US Navy

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Included in this bundle are all the Japanese Naval Combat vessels and United States Naval combat vessels (non-transports) present for the actions of Guadalcanal.  They are designed in 1/2400 scale.  I suggest printing in .02 mm layer height at the thickest.  If you want a base and to ease your printing print with a raft.

Design Files

File Size

Sims Class DD.stl
266 KB
Benham Class DD.stl
289 KB
New Orleans Class Heavy Cruiser.stl
236 KB
Yorktown Class CV.stl
105 KB
Portland Class Light Cruiser.stl
527 KB
St Louis Class Light Cruiser.stl
403 KB
USS North Carolina.stl
152 KB
USS South Dakota.stl
215 KB
Fletcher Class DD.stl
289 KB
Mahan Class DD.stl
258 KB
Atlanta Class Light Cruiser.stl
489 KB
Benson-Gleaves Class DD.stl
233 KB
Kagero Class Destroyer.stl
77.9 KB
Kongo Class Battlecruiser.stl
186 KB
Mogami Class Heavy Cruiser.stl
276 KB
Nagara Class Light Cruiser.stl
55.7 KB
Sendai Class Heavy Cruiser.stl
77.4 KB
Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer.stl
82 KB
Takao Class Heavy Cruiser.stl
108 KB
Tenryu Class Light Cruiser.stl
68.6 KB
Akizuki Class Destroyer.stl
56.9 KB
Aoba Class Heavy Cruiser.stl
113 KB
Asashio Class Destroyer.stl
82.4 KB
Fubuki Type I Destroyer.stl
86.1 KB
Fubuki Type II Destroyer.stl
101 KB
Fubuki Type III Destroyer.stl
90.7 KB
Hatsuharu Class Destroyer.stl
82.4 KB


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