Wheel Bearing Grease Packing Tool adapter / No Zert

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Had a desire to repack wheel bearings with grease quicker than by disassembling the hub. 

Of course, there are commercially available devices to accomplish the task of easily adding grease between the two bearings of the hub. All that I saw were manufactured from metal and had a grease fitting / zert installed. Some also included a back plate. All were more expensive than I was willing to pay for this type of tool and it's function.

I concluded the pressures could be contained with a 3D printed adaptor tool.  No back plate needed if custom made with  tight tolerance. 

Made with supports but that seemed to disfigure the threads of both parts.  Fortunately,  these materials can be fused together with a little heat applied. Made with PLA just cause it was loaded. 

May have to look into chemical reactions for assurance in future builds. If I take the time to redesign, I would move the center distribution area closer to the grease fitting to create angled dispersion tubes resulting in less grease to "prime" the tool and potentially reducing internal pressure

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