1" Strap Guide for 1-5/8" Tube

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Collector CNC's 1" strap guide for whitewater rafts fits any 1-5/8" tube.  The guide allows for NRS cooler hangers to be used up front with the NRS fishing frame.  Save money with our strap guide and avoid dishing out your hard earned cash for another straight cross bar for you raft frame.   

Version 3 has the Guide with no CollectorCNC logo.  The final version file has our CollectorCNC logo.  

I used PLA and printed layers at .200mm high.  1mm thick walls 4 passes and 16% infill.   You will be required to purchase your own screws for this application.   We used 9/64 course thread hex screws.  These are slightly oversized so a nut is not required. 

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