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This is a 3D model of BRCA2 and Rad51 molecules, which are two proteins  used in DNA repair, and are vital to discovering how we can cure breast cancer and ovarian cancer. These models are valuable for teaching all students, however are especially helpful in introducing  such a complicated and abstract topic as biology is to students with visual impairments. The models have magnets incorporated into them in order to explain exactly where and how these two molecules bind to each other, and are a very tangible way to teach all students, particularly visual learners and students with visual impairments. These models were initially gotten from the Protein Data Base, and modified to convey how BRCA2 mediates Rad51 in homologous recombination

With this teaching tool you can explain what a molecule or protein is, what amino acids and polypeptide chains are,  what bonds are, and you can explain DNA repair and homologous recombination. This project features two models: 1) a Rad51 with a BRC repeat, and 2) multiple Rad51 molecules bonded together to form a Rad51 filament. These two proteins are involved in homologous recombination, a type of DNA repair, and are immensely helpful in teaching such a complex area of the sciences.  studied these proteins in my biology class, and had spend a few month doing research on this topic, so anyone looking for a more in depth explanation of the role of these two molecules to use as a lesson plan or for their own curiosity please reach out to me!

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