The Big Fatty - fidget spinner with nuts


Summary Say hello to the big fatty. To assemble this beauty you will need a standard skateboard bearing (22mm) and three 3/4 inch nuts. It makes this thing thicker than the typical skate bearing fidget spinners but no less fun. The nuts fit in snug and I used some pliers to make the nuts go in. The bearing in the middle took a little more work to get centered in but once it was this worked like a beauty. Extras 3/4" nuts 608ZZ bearings or similar I also have another version of the fatty that I have designed but haven't tested yet. It was meant to make the bearing easier to place in the center. If you print on let me know I'd love to hear feedback. Print Settings Printer: MP Select Mini Notes: Use supports for the fingerpads. They have a curve to them so print them face up with supports. The main body doesn't need supports.

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