Jojo's All Star Collection: Jolene

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6th entry of the Jojo's All Stars Collection, inspired by the manga series Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, from Hirohiko Araki.

This one is based on Part 6: Stone Ocean's Jolene Cujoh, the only female Jojo to date. The design shows the butterfly with the knife from her tatoo and the chest piece on her clothes. and the strings from her clothes and her stand, Stone Free.

This one has undergone many changes so that the spider web was fully printed and didn't break. The butterfly has also changed many times. I wish I could add more details, but the software I use is not made for art, but for mechanical parts.

Stone Ocean was more mature than the previous parts. Even the bad guys have tragic backgrounds, and in battles, since there are incredible healers in the team, the wounds are usuallly more severe and shocking.

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