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Braille is tactile writing system used by people who are blind of visually impaired (obtained from Wikipedia). Braille is written on  rectangular blocks called cells, each cell contains six spaces organized in two columns were a raised dot can be placed.   This project is a learning kit designed for use in a classroom but isn't limited to it. It consists on a frame were six square individual cells rotate on center pins. Each square contains a dot on one of it's faces, thus allowing for a braille letter to be easily formed.  Every frame contains two raised dots on the top of the frame to help the learners know which side is front and the top of the cell, it also contains two small dents directly bellow it to make it easy to stack several of them.


The entire project was printed with PLA at the recommend settings for the filament, 220ºC, 0.2 layer height, 15% infill, 3 solid top and bottom layers.


Every stl filename contains the required quantity for each part. With all the pieces ready for assembly, start by placing the two "pino_x2.stl" in holes at the "estrutura_x1.stl",  as soon as these start to exit the holes, place one "espacador_x8.stl" on each one, followed by two "ponto_cubo_x6.stl", keep repeating this pattern until all the square cells are correctly placed on the two center pins then slightly bend the pins and place the last two remaining "espacador_x8.stl" and carefully move the two pins so that both are aligned with the two holes on the frame, then simply push the pins. Using a couple of drops of super glue,  glue the "ponto_botao_x6.stl" to the top of squares,  you can also add a drop of glue to the base of the frame were the two pins were inserted to stop them from ever getting out. As an alternative you can also print a square with the dot already placed, for that version please print "ponto_v2_x6.stl" and ignore "ponto_botao_x6.stl" and "ponto_cubo_x6.stl"

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