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Age: 11 and up. Maybe more suited to an older, visually impaired audience.

Objective: Have fun and develop touch sensitivity solving this puzzle.

Everybody likes puzzles!

Each block has three sets of different extrusions and three sets of different indentations. They only fit together in one way and there is only one solution.

The objective is to match each block together to form a cross.

A base can be used to hold them while the puzzle is solved. The centre cube has a top to help orient the cube whilst solving the puzzle.

You will have to have sensitive touch to solve it!

This is not just for the visually impaired. If you are sighted, then have a go but wear a blindfold. And if you have a friend who is visually impaired have a race against the clock!

I'm working on a simpler version called 'Noughts and Crosses' which will be easier to solve - it just uses noughts and crosses :-)

Note: Although they fit together, the design needs a more positive connection. I'm working on it. And you might want to check the size that you print them at. These are designed for a 2" cube.

Printing:  Standard PLA. Temp: 210/60. Three outlines, 30% honeycomb infill. I left the top layers off the base. Hairspray for adhesion on bed.

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Puzzle Cube A.stl
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Puzzle Cube B.stl
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Puzzle Cube Base.stl
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Puzzle Cube C.stl
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Puzzle Cube Centre.stl
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Puzzle Cube D.stl
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Puzzle Cube E.stl
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Puzzle Cube F.stl
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Puzzle Cube G.stl
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Puzzle Cube H.stl
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