Touchable Regulator of Coffee Roaster

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Touchable Regulator of Coffee Roaster is for people who work in the coffee shop with limited sight.

The story is about I went to a coffee shop with my friend few months ago. At the first, we didn't know all of the staffs in the shop are visually impaired people, until we asked after we saw a staff used the regulator on coffee roaster depend on magnifying glass.

It touched my heart when they said they really like this job, even though is hard and inconvenient.  That's why I make the Touchable Regulator of Coffee Roaster to help they adjust the regulator by look obvious color to check the scale and touch the edges to know how much they did. Hope to get work easier for them.

Print settings:

Printer: Makerbot Replicator2

Nozzle & Material: 0.4mm PLA

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Infill: 10%

Number of shell: 2

no raft, no support

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