The Money Teller


My design is a very simple solution to a problem that many visually impaired people face whenever they try to buy something with cash. For seeing people, it is very easy to pay with cash because we can see the amount on the bill. But for visually impaired people, this simple task is much harder because they can't see the amount on the bill. People who are blind want to be independent and not have to rely on others to tell them the value of the bill. Also, many blind people do not want to trust strangers who could easily steal money from them by telling them the false value on the bill.

To solve this problem, I have created a set of stamps that can easily be operated by blind and seeing people alike. These stamps allow the user to make a brail marking on the bill that can easily be read and used later and does not damage the bill in any way. Because the opening of the stamps is wide it is easy for blind people to insert the bill into the stamp. The hinge has no moving parts and the whole device is smoothed out so that it will not snag in pockets or on other fabric. I have also made these stamps easy to store by adding a keychain ring hole and making them smaller than a USB flash drive so they can be brought almost everywhere and because the material is plastic they can easily be brought through airport security. In order to achieve the best printing quality, you only need to set your printer on the finest layer height and because the curves on the device have been designed to be subtle there is no need to print the part with support material. These gadgets are very useful in day to day life for blind people and really allow them to be more independent and less stressed.

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