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Summary New geometric planters from Puka_ta! Planter2.stl is suitable for mini plants with a maximum upper width of 65mm and a lenght of 60mm. If your plant is smaller or bigger you can scale the model of course. Planter3 has the same dimensions but has a nice pattern on it! Big planter2.stl is suitable for plants with a maximum upper width of 85mm. The plant itself can be 70mm long. The model is designed to print it with the 'spiralize contour' settings on your slicer software. It is also possible to print it with your normal settings but than it takes longer to print. Please show my your print on Instagram with @puka_ta tag. Follow me to stay tuned about new designs! Print Settings Printer: Velleman K8400 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 20% Notes: Enable 'spiralize contour' to improve printing speed.

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