3D Printing Guardian - Wall Mounted Filament Spool Holder

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Disguised as a wall mounted spool holder 3D Printing Guardian watches over the whole 3D printing process. He immediately made our lives easier as now we can replace a spool in seconds. It is especially handy when changing filament for multicolor 3D printing. The idea was to design something functional but with an interesting theme to it. That’s how our 3D Printing Guardian was born.

NB! Mace screw system is fragile - please do NOT overtighten it when screwing the mace parts together. If the screw system gets broken, just print out the reinforcement rings. See the picture.


3D Printing Guardian Comic Strip:


Design Files

File Size

3DPG Right Arm Export.stl
68.5 MB
3DPG Left Arm Export.stl
63.7 MB
3DPG Goggles Export.stl
16.6 MB
3DPG Mace End Export.stl
117 KB
3DPG Mace Head Export.stl
131 KB
3DPG Mace Tube Export.stl
234 KB
3DPG Face Export Fixed.stl
27.7 MB
3DPG Star Export Fixed.stl
8.18 MB
3DPG Mace Reinforcement Ring 3DWithUs.stl
34.8 KB


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