Spool storing system


I've used these brackets to store my filament rolls. These brackets are used for normal sized (0,75kg) spools.

It's very easy to retrieve your filament rolls, they wont roll away as well. The brackets are very sturdy. As you can see in the pictures it can easily hold a lot of spools.

The brackets are wall mounted. For each bracket you will need drill two holes in your wall. The holes in the bracket are Ø6mm.

This bracket will need a pipe of Ø15mm or a pipe of 5/8". You can buy those in DIY stores. If you choose a pipe of 15mm you will need to stuff some paper or tape between the clip and the bracket.

The small clip going on the bracket is attached with 4mm bolts. Or M4 in Europe.

So to use these you will need the following things:

Ø15mm pipe or 5/8" pipe

2 plugs and 2 screws to anchor one bracket in the wall. I've used 6mm plugs and 4mm screws for my wall.

2 M4 screws (length being somewhere between 10 and 40 mm).


3 perimeters and a 20% infill will make the bracket strong enough

I've printed the bracket laying flat on the bed and without supports.

I've used a heated bed to prevent warping.

Dimensions: 140 mm x 197,5 mm


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