Spool Holder for 0,75 - 1,00 Kg spools

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The main purpose of designing this spool holder was to relieve some weight from the printer. And balance my Printrbot Simple Metal better.

A sturdy spool holder for normal sized spools. Switch spools quickly and easily.

It can be wall mounted with 4 x 4mm screws. You can use which ever anchors/wall plugs you like (Ø5 or Ø6). 

You will need a print area of 15x15x13. It is recommend that you print this 1:1

IMPORTANT: The model will have to converted from inch to mm in your slicer.

I've printed mine with a layer height of 0,3 mm in PLA, on the Printrbot Simple Metal

Slight warping on the corners might occur.

It is recommend that you turn on supports (for the top part of the model)



The holes went Ø4 to Ø6 mm. I hope this makes mounting a bit easier.

The model no longer has to be converted from inch to mm in your slicer.

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