Thor Ragnarok Helmet

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This is the Thor Ragnarok Helmet from the movie Thor: Ragnarok opening November 3, 2017. This was the most accurate I could get it with all the images and stuff out there.

It is sized for an adult male but check the dimension sheet pdf.

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Left Wing.stl
6.26 MB
Part 1v2.stl
1.24 MB
Part 2v2.stl
1.19 MB
Part 3v2.stl
1.2 MB
Part 4v2.stl
1.77 MB
Part 5v2.stl
1.41 MB
Part 6v2.stl
733 KB
Part 7v2.stl
2.27 MB
Part 8v2.stl
1.84 MB
Part 9v2.stl
1.14 MB
Part 10v2.stl
1.16 MB
Part 11v2.stl
1.23 MB
Part 12v2.stl
2.3 MB
Part 13v2.stl
746 KB
Part 14v2.stl
1.43 MB
Part 15v2.stl
1.74 MB
Part 16v2.stl
2.82 MB
Part 17v2.stl
1.96 MB
Part 18v2.stl
1.7 MB
Part 19v2.stl
2.86 MB
Part 20v2.stl
2.16 MB
Right Wing.stl
6.06 MB
Thor Helmet Ragarok v2.stl
17.5 MB
Thor Ragnarok Battle Helmet Thicken 2 Drawing v1.pdf
859 KB


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