Mass Effect N7 Breather Helmet

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I was so excited about the new Mass effect game coming in March, I decided to make my favorite helmet from the game...The N7 Breather Helmet.

To assemble the helmet:

Parts are numbered. Part one is the Front Top Left. The move left to right - Top to Bottom - Front to Back.

I sized the helmet to fit a male adult. I will not be 100% sure it fits until I print it.

I have not printed this out yet but will do so soon. Once I print I will post pictures.

Design Files

File Size

Mass Effect Helmet N7 V2 35.stl
30.7 MB
Part 5.stl
2.35 MB
Part 6.stl
2.42 MB
Part 7.stl
1.29 MB
Part 8.stl
1.08 MB
Part 11.stl
1.11 MB
Part 9.stl
1.65 MB
Part 15.stl
1.08 MB
Part 20.stl
1.7 MB
Part 10.stl
1.32 MB
Part 12.stl
1.46 MB
Part 24.stl
1.47 MB
Part 16.stl
1.06 MB
Part 13.stl
1010 KB
Part 14.stl
900 KB
Part 21.stl
2.68 MB
Part 17.stl
1.21 MB
Part 18.stl
1.19 MB
Part 19.stl
1.72 MB
Part 22.stl
2.66 MB
Part 23.stl
1.35 MB
Part 1.stl
771 KB
Part 2.stl
783 KB
Part 3.stl
1.47 MB
Part 4.stl
1.26 MB


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