Dinosaur Figure (Dilophosaurus)


Hello, we have recently started a line of 3D models and figures pertaining to PRINT-THEN PAINT.  We love seeing sandstone prints and also prints that look good printed in one color, but our new goal is to create models/prints that can be hand painted and treated more like art.  We also like the creativity and possibilities that's opened when doing this, so our goal is to keep creating 3D models and 3D prints that can printed then painted by hand. This dinosaur marks the first one in the series. 

He goes by DIL. The geeks have a longer name for him or her... (Dilophosaurus) 

DIL. measures 4.25" LENGTH x 2.25" WIDTH x 2.75" HEIGHT

A WHOPPING WEIGHT OF _____grams (pumped full of ABS)

This model is completely solid (I left it that way so you can adjust shell thicknesses on printing software).

The first models created were super high detailed, so when the model was done I lowered poly count and simplified the cad model for easier/faster print times. 

If you have any questions or have found DIL'S owner please feel free to contact me!



Design Files

File Size

Dino 001.STL
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