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Phone Stand, hinged designed and optimized for printing the two moving parts as a single print, without support scaffolding (other than recommended raft.)

I printed with ABS on the Zortrax M200 (High Infill, 0.14mm layer, no scaffolding, ABS) - See Screenshot of Z-Suite.

The STL file is oriented to print on its side, partially opened as shown in the screen shots and photos.

Once the print is finished, remove it from the rafting and GENTLY pivot the upper section towards the closed position.  This will break free any tack points between the two components.  From there it should be ready to use. (I use a heat gun to clean up the rafting connection marks.)

Feel free to leave a message if you are having problems.

Here is a link to a quick video of the printing of a QUICK-STAND on the Zortrax M200, then removed and demonstrated holding a LG G5 phone.



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