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Summary Filaments.directory has teamed up with renowned 3D designer Augustin Flowalistik to create a 3D printable planter that will change the way you think about the potential of 3D printing. This functional device is equipped with an IoT module that will monitor the humidity of your plant’s soil, while also sprucing up the look of your home. Our DIY planter will measure humidity every 15 minutes, sending the data directly to the Adafruit cloud. Using an IFTTT, you can connect to the Adafruit API and constantly keep up-to-date with the latest value. The IoT module even allows you add actions to automate the reception of this data through SMS messaging, Twitter, and others. The planter without electronics is available on this page. The IOT version is available for free on www.filaments.directory when registered. The print settings are available here : https://www.filaments.directory/en/filaments/faberdashery/pla/orange-fizz-0-84-kg-2-85-mm

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