NES cartridge RetroPi Zero case holder

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Summary The usb hub I ordered had usb connectors that were too short for the original make ( I ordered using the link in the original make, so maybe Amazon switched manufacturers?). I reduced the size of the 3 usb holders by 4.2mm rather than just putting some spacer behind it or glue them down. Everything fits perfectly now. This looks so sweet! Great job on the original design. I'm posting as a remix in case others run into this problem. I used an original game case I bought from a local game shop for $3. Print Settings Printer Brand: Wanhao Printer: Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .16mm Infill: 100% Notes: Printed with Maker Select v2.1. Post-Printing Need supplies -Raspberry pi Zero W - -NES cartridge - -Micro USB hub - -HDMI cable - -Security bit 3/8" - -Controller(s) NES controller - SNES contoller - How I Designed This Designed using Tinkercad.

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