Z-Axis Endstop Switch Holder

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Summary Yet another improved Z-axis endstop holder. This holder clamps to the Z-axis ways- designed for 10mm drill rod ways. The adjustment screw holder bolts to the lulzbot.com X-end. Instructions Tap the rod clamp holes and adjustment screw hole for M5 screws. Attach the Z-axis endstop using 2/56 or M3 screws & nuts to the endstop holder. Attach adjustment screw holder to X-end using 2/56 or M3 screws. Adjust to your heart's content. Just be sure to place the endstop switch holder so your X ends won't crash into it during Z-axis home. Note the photo shows my origional geometry- which had to be modified with a bandsaw to fit properly. The uploaded files have been adjusted.

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