Simple RAMPS 1.4 mount


Summary Simple mount that holds a RAMPS 1.4, Arduino MEGA, and cooling fans. Slots in side of "case" allow for neat running of stepper motor and other wires to keep them out of the airflow path. The fan mount is designed to allow the use of several different fan options depending upon what you have on hand. There are also two different fan mounts- one short and one tall depending upon how much room you need for wires and how much room there is available in your printer. Mounting holes are sized for M5 allow for attachment to 80-20 extrusions, or whatever else you'd like. Drill and tap fan mount holes for M3. Drill and tap holes in base for whatever size screws you prefer to mount Arduino MEGA- usually M2. I've included the Solidworks files for remixing. I also included the Arduino MEGA and RAMPS models- I did not create these and unfortunately I can't remember where I sourced them from- I think from GrabCAD.

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