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Summary You know all the claws on claw machines that are rigged to not work? I decided to make a robot with something similar on the front that's actually reliable. All these parts were designed by me from scratch. I am rather proud of how it is coming together. I will post images of what I have so far and the finished product later. I uploaded the Inventor IPT files to keep this thing as open source as possible! I know that the Cage File contains 3 in one. This way you only need import one of the Cage.stl files to have a full cage. These are also designed to be expandable. For instance; you can print 2 Cage's and have 6 gears. Granted, you will have to modify the worm Cog.ipt to match the new setup. I will try to make the worm gear compatible with customizer after I am happy with the base design. The Idea is to mount this ( )motor to the worm gear and have the motor mount center it between the 3 gears. Worm Gear (exT) is the latest version of the worm gear and it seems like it would work the best. I am yet to actually test it because I need to modify the worm gear to fit the gear motors shaft Please Refer to the Assembly file to see how to put it together! Print Settings Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter

Instructions Print: 1x Cage.stl 3x Cog.stl 1x Motor Mount.stl 1x Worm Gear(exT).stl (print this so the threads of the gear are tangent to the build plate. I found best results this way) 1x Knuckles.stl 3x Fingers.stl 6x Rail.stl

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