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Summary Or Pop Bottle Opener depending on where your from... I do love that there are a ton of (pretty cool) bottle openers on thingiverse, but I hadn't really come across one to open a soda bottle yet. So this design came about because one of my coworkers drinks way too much Diet Coke for her own good, and had actually developed a blister on her fingers where she always opened the bottles. She claims Coke changed the type of cap they use and it was hell on her hand. Realizing I had a shiny new 3d printer, I got right to work. This was designed in tinkercad pretty quickly. It does a pretty good job of gripping the groves on both Coke and Pepsi 20oz caps. (It might work on 2 liter bottles, but I haven't tried it yet) I gave it to my coworker and she absolutely loves it and regularly shows me that she no longer has blisters. I've tried to get her to let me know what types of changes could be made to make it better, but she is so nice, she wouldn't tell me if something actually was wrong. Her husband has assured me though, she does us it more or less every day. Instructions Print out, place on cap of favorite 20oz bottle, press down and twist. Enjoy.

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