RetroPie Arcade Cabinet


Summary This retro-futuristic arcade cabinet is made of high quality birch and designed for two players. Inspired by the work of Swedish designer Love Hulten and classic 60s stereo cabinets. It is adorned with a design by Brooklyn artist Shayna Hawkins. The arcade runs on the Raspberry Pi 2 – Model B platform and utilizes RetroPie and Emulation Station for the immersive experience. The system can be loaded with thousands of your favorite games from old arcade favorites to more recent systems like the NES and Playstation 1. Even the patterns and colors of the buttons can be customized and changed on the fly. Here's a video of it in action - Product Specifications: Computer: Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Emulating System: RetroPie – Version 3.0 64GB Micro SD Card Screen: 20” Sceptre LED Monitor High Resolution 1600 x 900 Sound: Stereo 20W Class D Amplifier 4 Ohm 3 Watt Speakers External Dimensions When Folded: 17” x 21” x 51” (43cm x 52cm x 129cm) External Dimensions When Unfolded: 22” x 21” x 62” (55cm x 52cm x 157cm) Features: Setup for One or Two Players Two, 8 – Way Joysticks Two Sets of 8 30mm Translucent Push Buttons Two Sets of Start/Coin Push Buttons ControlBlock PCB Animated Button LEDs Wifi Ready Ethernet Compatible External USB Port Stainless Steel On/Off Button Laser Cut Control Panel/Screen Bezel External Volume Control Custom 6’ Power Cord Easy Access to Inside For Maintenance Instructions I've included various parts that I printed for the cabinet. Feel free to use them in your own creations. For instructions on how to create the glowing neopixel buttons, look no further than this awesome Adafruit tutorial -

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