Quadcopter electronics stack mount (fc, power, rx)

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This is my attempt to create a mounting bracket for electronics part of my quadcopter. Design goal was to hold flight controller, receiver and power module, and fit everything into the center of a small F330 frame.

There are three things:

  • fc_base: lower part that holds the BEC power module and FrSky receiver. Mounted to the copter base plate (50mm mounting - holes). I used additional nuts as spacers so that a battery strap fits under it.
  • fc_mount: middle part that holds the flight controller (also adapts from 50mm to 30mm mounting holes)
  • fc_cover: upper part that covers and fixates the flight controller

Here are links to the electronics parts I used:

I mounted it on a F330 Frame by drilling holes for nylon screws to the bottom plate.

This thing is in progress. Everything seems to fit together well, but there's probably room for more improvements.

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