Flowtoys C-ring (pod shell capsule connector)


Summary I needed a replacement C ring for my flowstaff before I went out to the club, so I designed and printed this in about 90 minutes. It worked for its intended purpose - didn't slip off all night, and was actually about as difficult to remove from the pod at the end of the night as the injection molded part. It does slip off the capsule before it slips out of the pod, so when removing it you'll have to work a little bit to get it out of the pod. But nothing is damaged in the process. Hopefully this saves you $2 + shipping. :) Print Settings Printer: Micromake D1 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.3mm Infill: 50% Notes: TPU works best. 50% infill to give it a little more squish, which helps to get it on the capsule.

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