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Summary Worried about the news reports that "sitting is the new smoking"? Are you sitting now? Stand up at your desk and tone your backside while you work with this handy completely adjustable laptop stand. The open-source stand is made from 3-D printable joints and open-beam. Press on the spring loaded button in each joint to change the angle - it can adjust from flat for storage to "tv-tray" height or anywhere in between. This is but one of many useful products our group, [Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology Research Group](, has found can save consumers money by fabricating it themselves with the use of a 3-D printer. For more information see our economic analysis here Instructions Bill of Materials 3 or 4 - 1m OpenBeams depending on the size you want (6) 13/32" x 1" compression spring (44) 3m x 5mm screws (44) 3m nuts 1.75mm filament 4 corner open-beam corner pieces (optional for improved stability) 2 OpenBeam endcaps (optional for aesthetics) 1 plastic/metal or wood sheet cut to the size of your laptop blue painters tape razor blade Assembly and Construction Instructions: Button preparation print on your 3-D printer with 100% fill wrap a piece of blue tape around the "x" part. This makes a tighter fit and slide easier (see image) use the razor blade to trim the notches. Make each notch to have a point on the button side make sure it fits in the top cover easily and can slide in and out of the bottom cover Top cover preparation carve out the filament hole on the side. 1.75mm filament should be able to fit through it file the top edge for easier rotation of joint Assembly insert spring into hole in button put button with spring into the bottom cover so the "x" lines up connect the two covers until flush when holding the parts together, insert a 2" length of 1.75mm filament into the side hole of the Top cover. This secures the two parts of the hinge together. (see image) insert a 12'' (or a length of your choosing) length of open beam into the side of the top cover. secure the beam using two 3m x 5mm screws and nuts. insert a 12'' (or a length of your choosing) length of open beam into the side of the bottom cover Design and Future Work This version of the stand was developed and prototyped by Michael "Buck" Poszywak. It uses OpenBeam which is really handy for prototyping things but both a little expensive and a bit less rigid than we would like for this application. We included the OpenSCAD file so you can adjust the hinge parts that attach to the OpenBeam so you can fabricate similar laptop stands with thicker Al extrusions, wood, etc. To out compete even the highest-end laptop stands you could also put fancy art work on the sheet with a laser cutter or cut in vent holes and mount USB powered fans. You can also add a lip or holder for being able to use the stand at weird angles e.g. upside down in bed. Other Applications The open-source laptop stand can also be used as an art table for both the young and old. The joints can be used for any application where you need an adjustable but long-term fixed position. So for example in the office you can use it as a document holder or bed as a book holder...and on and on.

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