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Summary Save The Planet Board Game is free and open-source DIY cooperative board game. In the Save the Planet Game you and your family and friends can work together to save the planet to win, while learning how to save the planet in real life. The beginner option is appropriate for children 4 and up and the advanced option is a fun game for teens up to any age. This game is open-source so you are encouraged to build on it - make it better, add more good deeds, make a local deed list and make more advanced derivatives. Have fun! The card box holds the Good Deed Cards and the Pollution Cards. You will want two copies one for each level of play. For all instructions and a printable (2d) game board and cards see Save The Planet Board Game You can also download and print mini avatars from Thingiverse and dice. Please see the derivative section to see the shown components. Instructions Full instructions for playing the game are here: To print out the box - simply download the stl and print on your favorite open source 3D printer. For the avatars for the game I recommend using various people and Tux designs already on Thingiverse and included the ones I used in the derivatives..

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