Anet A6 - Frankenstein (E3D v6 / Volcano)

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Summary It's a live! My monster, called like Frankenstein ((= All what you need is only E3Dv6 standard extruder with his fan. Second fan and bearings you already have in original Anet A6 extruder. Required bowden filament feeder. If you have PTFE tube and fittings, you no need to buy anything more, all can be made from original Anet A6 extruder. This carriage allowing to use basic e3d v6 hot end block and volcano hot end block. You can set different height by moving central part (radiator holder). Two sides cooling provide better quality of print. Large air flow channels. Cooling of radiator of extruder, also made with flow simulations, and has correct flow path. Fast and easy belt tension. Connection without screeds. Some links I used: E3D v6 kit (with volcano), PTFE tube, 40mm fan, GT2 belt, linear bearings (or use olds from Anet). Print Settings Printer Brand: RepRap Printer: Anet A6 Prusa Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.3mm Infill: 30% Notes: "5_target_cooling_fan_split.stl" model was splitted, for more easy print. You will need to glue together it (= Post-Printing Glue together splitted parts by ABS juice. Probably you will be need to clean some connections of parts (especially after ABS shrinkage). All connecting parts must be connected easily. Please, first, see assembly video. Also you can see my not profesional video of assembly :P Assembly video Support me If you want to support me and if you want to get cashbacks on Aliexpress, check this I like their service, on Aliexpress you can get double cashback (about 18%) Thank you (;

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