Z-axis optical endstop (Re-D-Bot)


Summary Hello there! (= So, this is a new OptoEndstop mount, for Re-D-Bot, D-Bot and D-Bot analogs. Endstops I used: http://ali.pub/7z31t P'S: I love this, very easy to adjust after nozzle change, if it required. And as result nice first layer, I'm pretty glad. ~_~ 03 February. Update: 02_Cap.STL size was fixed (; Thank you for response Post-Printing Because OptoEndstop used infrared beam, you'll need add some material which will stop it. I used foil for baking. Assembly For using optical endstop, you will need invert status in firmware. In Marlin: #define Z_MIN_ENDSTOP_INVERTING false Be careful, and check twice connection wires. I will show you example, how to connect with ramps 1.4 on Re-D-Bot (or D-bot) I set colors in image how to connect wires for better understand (% You will need connect optical endstop to "Z MIN" pins by colors like I showed. Support me If you want to support me and if you want to get cashbacks on Aliexpress, check this http://epngo.bz/cashback_index/v1nphb I like their service, on Aliexpress you can get double cashback (about 18%)

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