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NERDS are out and all about!!

What are they? No one knows! BUT!!! what we do know is that you can download this guy. This guy was 3D Scanned from a live captured NERD (captured in a way that cannot be made public yet) so that I can bring you this model.

It's weird but they love having their pictures taken but a lot of tech wont capture them. If you are able to snag one and take pictures of it please post it on twitter and tag me. Also hashtag with #NERDphoto.

Join me on TWITTERand share you pics with me and the rest of my 3D Printing Buds. ( #NERDphoto )

Join me on @patreon and you can get this and many more of my designs by pledging and helping a brother out. 

IF YOU PRINT post and message ME ON TWITTER

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Nerds Hanging out Flat.stl
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Nerds Hanging out.stl
12 MB
nerd chillilng out Flat.stl
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nerd chillilng out.stl
11.5 MB
nerd looking up flat.stl
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nerd looking up.stl
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