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NOTE: Please check the width of your Spatula - Formlabs recently changed the width of the supplied spatula from 75mm to 50mm. This model WILL NOT fit the old style 75mm spatula. Please check before downloading. (An updated model that fits the 75mm spatula will follow) 

A tool rack that accommodates all of the tools that come included with the Form2 3D Printer from Formlabs. I have also created a removable drip tray that clips in underneath the rack to catch any drips that come off the tools once they have been inserted. The Tray slopes very slightly towards the front so that excessive resin drips would collect towards the front making it easier to see and clean up. 

I printed this upside down as shown in the screenshot at a resolution of 0.1mm, I would however recommend that you print it the right way up as the supports pit the face of the stand excessively and will require additional finishing.

The drip tray is totally optional and does not need to be printed in order to use this stand. It has space for the scraper, pry tool, angled snips, and also the tweezers. 

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