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Summary Mudguard rear bridge for C-Lite Curana Mudguards This is a mudguard bridge I designed to overcome two issues. First, there are no eyelets on the seat stays of the On-One Inbred to mount the given curana bracket. Second, the frame is small and seat stays are far from the virtual top of the mudguard and struts;so if you somehow (eg. zip-ties) mount the given bracket at the seat stays the mudguard will violently shake at every bump and hit the tire. With this bridge the support is almost at the top of the fender. This makes the mudguard very stable. It fits at the v-brake bosses. Print Settings Printer Brand: Prusa Printer: Prusa Mk2 Notes: It is best to use a filament that is durable at external conditions and less brittle. (I have used PLA because it was the only I had at the moment).

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