Summary I was waiting for my 3D printer to be delivered when I saw Zach / PaperScarecrow's MicroYo. I said I'd like to try making something similar just to pay tribute to my ole yoyo playing days. So far I've only printed and tried the Damulag design (at 85% infill and without supports in the middle, it caused some layers not to stick together, I'll try again with supports and 100% if time permits). It was a bit light for my taste but works. I have a feeling that this would mean the baby models will be too light and that PaperScarecrow's thrust washers idea is the way to go, Other than the Microyo, somehow playing around with basic tori, cylinders, subtraction, splitting, etc. I ended up with stuff which reminded me of old Duncan, Yoyojam (Minimo, Hitman and Dark Magic) and Yoyofactory (DV888) yoyos. Just leaving these here in case someone wants to pursue them. Print Settings Printer: Creality CR-7 Infill: 85 Post-Printing You'll need an m3x16mm or m3x14mm bolt and m3 nut or something similar plus a standard C sized yoyo bearing and a couple of o-rings or flowable silicone for the response system.

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