Cherry blossom branch

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Summary Okay, this is bit of a print challenge due to needing supports and challenges with the orientation for the flower. I tried printing it facing up with supports under but it took unnecessarily long and result wasn't as good as when tilting the model to the side so the stem and petals touch the printing bed. This is the default rotation I uploaded the model with, it will still need some supports. I used 0.1mm layer height for the flower. Then comes the stamen, which utilizes bridging to create strings of filament you can then shape by using a hair dryer or hot air gun. This needs to be printed at 0.2mm if using the default scale. And lastly the branch simply needs supports under it, nothing too special about it. I included connectors for the flowers but they are kinda weak and I managed to break one off, you will need glue. Or you can just replace them with thin enough nails for example that you can embed in the branch by heating it with soldering iron, as I had to do for one of the flowers.

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