Cylindrical Dessicant Box

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Shortly after getting into 3D printing, I came face to face with the need to store filament and that meant dealing with desiccants. I took a look around other offerings and decided to spin my own. My goals for this project were:

  • Cylindrical and able to fit inside the center hole of filament spools I am using (~50mm dia.)
  • Able to contain the desiccant I am using (2mm-4mm dia.)
  • Maximize air flow through the container
  • Minimize printing time (I need to make many of these and lots of small holes increases printing time.)

This is what I came up with. It has thin walls and with a .350mm print resolution, it's all perimeter and no infill. Despite the thinness of the walls, it's surprisingly sturdy. (No, you can't stand on it, but plenty strong enough for holding dessicant within a spool of filament or gun safe or tool box.)

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