Y.A.P.S. - Yet Another Phone Stand

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Summary Y.A.P.S - Yet Another Phone Stand This sturdy phone stand has 6 viewing angles and should work for most smart phones, even with large cases. The stand is raised to allow for charging while in an upright position. You can print the optional add-ons/mods for each side, like the wallet-sized picture frame included. I'll add more add-ons as time permits. I print this at .3 resolution PLA with 1.2 mm walls, 0% infill with support and just a skirt for base adhesion. Make sure the bracket is facing the right direction when inserting into the sides. [edited 3/10/2017]: I made a minor change to the picture frame add-on. The connector shaft and the side of the frame wasn't aligned properly, and I shortened the length of the picture frame and widened the frame edge 1mm so standard photos (2.5 in x3.5 in) should fit better. Print Settings Printer: QIDI Tech X-one Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .3 mm Infill: 0% Notes: At this resolution and speed 50, it takes about 2.5 hours on my printer for the stand and about 25 mins for the picture frame. The picture frame add-on is optional and requires good contact cement to glue the connecting shaft and the 4 corner pieces that hold the picture in place. Post-Printing Assembling the stand After cleaning up any support material, connect the bottom and top hinges to the inner facing holes on the sides and work them around a bit making sure they rotate fine and that the hinges are oriented properly. Remove one of the sides and connect the small support bracket to the side making sure that the side with the bumps is facing the front of the stand and it should click into place. Connect the other side to the support bracket while aligning the top and bottom hinges to the holes in the side. Alternatively, you can connect the support bracket to the sides first, then place the hinges in the side holes while slightly twisting the sides. Just be careful not to twist too much causing the bracket to break. Assembling the optional wallet-sized picture frame add-on Good contact cement or other adhesive/glue is required for the picture frame add-on. The connector shaft is glued to the side of the picture frame that has the rectangular tab. The 4 corner pieces are glued to the 4 corners on the back using the raised pegs on the back side of the frame as guides and applying the glue to the raised corner only so that the corners of a photo can slide in. Contact cement the support shaft to the tab on the front of the picture frame

Contact cement the 4 pieces to the back side of the picture frame making sure that the corners of a photo will be able to slide in How I Designed This This is based on a foam board phone stand I created a couple years ago. I drew the concept on my iPad and modeled it in SketchUp where it has gone through several iterations and tweaks.

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