Toilet seat / Toiletbril


For person with a handicap they made a special Toilet-seat on steel frame, some 20 years ago. The seat was broken and new ones nowhere available. So I printed a new for him.

Total thickness 6 to 8 mm. Weight of the final product: 2,2 kg.

Printed with Titan extruder + Volcano, nozzle 0,6 mm, layer height 0,4mm. on my CoreXY printer on which I can print max. dimensions 500x500x250 mm.

Total printtime: 72 hours. Weight of the final product: 2,2 kg.

Solid material : PLA, 3 mm.

After printing I grinded the product with sanding paper by hand: corn 120.

For smoothness I added 2 layers XTC-3D paint.

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