Contour Mount for Dye i4 Paintball Mask


Summary Update v8: Reduced the angle on the camera since it is completely mounted to the mask I don't need to account for the head pushing on it. This should help with comfort. Update v7: Comfort adjustments. Update v6: Final before print. Update v5: Added some ledges for the inner teeth to help with printing issues. Update v4: Created some gaps so the lens can be inserted and bottom lip will catch. Added more mounting points. Update v3: Removed the teeth. Removed the lip, and designed it to be zip tied at multiple locations. Added supports for the zip tie panel to the mount. Update v2: Added teeth to the bottom of the lip. Added a wedge to counter the tilt that the head causes. Adjusted the Contour bracket to be on one side so the camera can be in the middle of the mask. Description Been playing paintball with my Contour+2 and wanted to have a proper mount for my Dye i4 Mask. There are a few holes in the bottom of the "lip" that will allow you to use small zip-ties to affix it to the mask. I've rounded out the back of the attachment, so it doesn't tilt to much from your head. Model is face down, so it will print a bit cleaner.

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